Pedro de la Llave

Character animator

Hi! I'm a spanish animator currently working at Sony imageworks, I've worked for over 8 years on films such as ¨Spiderman in to the spiderverse¨ or ¨Hotel Transilvania 3¨.

Do you have a question about my work or an article suggestion? Don't be afraid to leave a comment, share your ideas or just say hello.

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Behind the glass is a drama about a man struggling to overcome his own limitations, while facing the rejection of society.

It is a really deep film with different layers that I thing it can reach out your heart. Thanks for watching.

Just a heads up about Behind the Glass , so far It has won 31 awards, 4 Finalist, 1 Semi-finalist, 3 Honorable mentions and It's been/gonna be part of the Official selection in 63 festivals.
That's waaaay more that I expected so I can't complain, also some of those awards are not in an animated category wich I think is quite cool!!...